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Delivery Dates

Blas na hEireann – 2019

Please find delivery dates below for UCC & Baking Judging with TU Dublin. These date correspond with our judging schedule so please check the delivery date and location for your category carefully and check the following...

Have you got your entry confirmation?
This is most important as this email confirmation will include your…
1. Entry Number
This is the number which will follow your entry through the whole process, most importantly when it is blind tasted by our judges. This is individual to each entry and must be marked clearly on each sample.
2. Delivery sheet
Attached to your confirmation email is a delivery sheet which is already filled in with your entry number, producer name and details etc and your delivery date, location and address.
A copy of this sheet must be included with each delivery, one copy per delivery is fine but please do mark the entry number clearly on each of your 5 samples.

If you have a number of different delivery dates for your products please contact us to see if we can accommodate one delivery date. Please be sure to follow the steps above and you will make us a very happy Blas team when we are checking the samples in for judging!

Baking Judging in Association with TU Dublin
Monday 17th June
The following categories will be judged at Blenders Kitchens Tallaght, Monday 17th June 
20. Bread
21. Traditional Irish Barm (Yeast) Brack 
22. Sweet Dough Goods
23. Morning Baked Goods 
24. Continental Style Breads 
25. Pastries

Delivery Dates to UCC

Thursday 4th or Friday 5th July 2019 - UCC
32. Chocolate 
33. Confectionery 
34. Breakfast Cereal   
35. Savoury Sauces, Condiments & Pantry 
36. Sweet Sauces, Preserves & Pantry                
37. Savoury Snacks 
38. Hot Beverages 
39. Non alcoholic Drinks 
40. Spirits & Liqueurs
41. Beers                                                      
42. Ciders 

Tuesday 9th July 2019 - UCC
26. Dietary Specific Foods   
27. Ready Mix cakes & Breads 
28. Puddings & Desserts                     
29. Cakes                                             
30. Christmas Cakes & Puddings 
31. Biscuits/ Snacks Sweet 

Wednesday 10th July 2019 - UCC
13. Seafood  
14. Terrines/ Pates   
15.  Savoury Pies/ Quiche
16.  Soups & Chowders  
17.  Ready Meals & Prepared Foods (Hot) 
18. Ready Meals & Prepared Foods (Cold)     
19. Baby Food 

Thursday 11th July 2019  - UCC
10. Dairy 
11. Ice Cream & Sorbets                        
12. Cheese

Monday 22nd or Tuesday 23rd July 2019 - UCC
1. Bacon products
2. Beef (Value added) 
3. Cured Meat, Charcuterie & Cold Meats 
4. Lamb (Value added)  
5. Other Meats (Value Added)
6. Pork (Value added)                                                     
7. Poultry (Value added) 
8. Puddings   
9. Sausages
43. Chef's Larder