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Blas na hEireann 2019 Categories

  1. Bacon products a) Rasher b) Other bacon products 
  2. Beef (Value added) a) Fillet b) Sirloin/Striploin c) Ribeye d) Burger Style e) Roast f) Bone in g) Other
  3. Cold Meats, Cured Meat, Charcuterie a) Beef b) Ham c) Poultry d)Other
  4. Lamb (Value added) a) Lamb Prepared b) Lamb
  5. Other Meats (Value Added)
  6. Pork (Value added)                                                     
  7. Poultry (Value added) a) Chicken b) Chicken (Prepared) c) Duck & Other Poultry d) Turkey
  8. Puddings a) Black pudding b) White pudding
  9. Sausages a) Breakfast sausages b) Flavoured sausages c) Other Meat sausages
  10. Dairy a) Butter b) Butter (Flavoured) c) Cream d) Cream(Fermented) e) Milk f) Milk (Other) g) Yoghurt (Flavoured) h)Yoghurt (Plain) 
  11. Ice Cream & Sorbets a) IceCream b) Sorbets c) Frozen Yoghurts                     
  12. Cheese a) Blue b) Goats c) Hard d) Hard (Added Flavour) e) Soft & Semi Soft
  13. Seafood Products a) Cold Smoked b) Hot Smoked c) Prepared Fish d) Prepared Shellfish
  14. Terrines/ Pates   a) Meat b) Seafood c) Vegetarian
  15.  Savoury Pies/ Quiche
  16.  Soups & Chowders a) Soups (Meat) & Chowders b) Soups – Vegetable
  17.  Ready Meals & Prepared Foods (Hot) a) Fish b) Meat c) Sausage Rolls d) Stuffing e) Dough Based f) Vegetarian g) Potato
  18. Ready Meals & Prepared Foods (Cold) a) Fish b) Meat c) Vegetarian    
  19. Baby Food & Childrens Foods 
  20. Bread a) Craft Bakers Soda Bread b) Craft Bakers Yeast Bread c) Sourdough
  21. d) Packaged White Bread e) Packaged Bread (Not White)  
  22. Traditional Irish Barm (Yeast) Brack
  23. Sweet Dough Goods (Including Teabrack & Sweet Buns)
  24. Morning Baked Goods (Including Baps, Teacakes & Scones)
  25. Continental Style Breads (Including Brioche, Ciabatta, Focaccia, Bagels)
  26. Pastries & Tarts a) Pastries (Inc Danish, Croissant, Pain Au Chocolate) b) Tarts
  27. Dietary Specific Foods a) Dietary Specific Bread b) Dietary Specific Gluten Free Products & Ingredients c) Dietary Specific Gluten Free Baked Goods d) Dietary Specific - Other (Certification to verify product claim required)
  28. Ready Mix Cakes & Breads a) Breads & Other Savoury Ready Mix b) Cakes & Other Sweet Ready Mix
  29. Puddings & Desserts          
  30. Cakes a) Chocolate b) Other c) Chocolate Biscuit                                            
  31. Christmas Cakes & Puddings a) Christmas Cakes, Pies, Crumbles, Other b) Christmas Puddings
  32. Biscuits/ Snacks Sweet a) Biscuits b) Other sweet snacks c) Popcorn Sweet
  33. Chocolate a) Bars b) Collections c) Individual Chocolates
  34. Confectionery
  35. Breakfast Cereal  a) Granola b) Muesli c) Porridge & Cereals       
  36. Savoury Sauces, Condiments & Pantry a) Chutney b) Dressings c) Hummus d) Jellies e) Mustard f) Oils g) Oils Flavoured h) Pesto i) Pickle j) Relish k) Salt l) Salt Flavoured m) Savoury Sauces & Dips (Egg Based) n) Savoury Sauces (Tomato Based) o) Savoury Sauces (Other) p) Seasonings q) Vinegars
  37. Sweet Sauces, Preserves & Pantry a) Conserve b) Honey c) Marmalade d) Preserve e) Sweet Spreads f) Sweet sauces & Dips  
  38. Savoury Snacks a) Crisps b) Popcorn c) Other
  39. Hot Beverages a) Coffee b) Tea c) Other Hot Drinks                                                  
  40. Non alcoholic Drinks a) Carbonated b) Cordials c) Fruit based d) Vegetable based
  41. Spirits & Liqueurs a) Dark Spirits & Liqueurs b) White Spirits & Liqueurs                       
  42. Beers a) Ale b) Beer & Lager c) Stout                                                                
  43. Ciders a) Medium / Dry b) Sweet c) Special (such as sparkling)
  44. Chef's Larder (Includes subcategory for Eggs) This should be an ingredients, specialist product or recipe staple which a chef would find to be a valuable part of their larder. This can include, but is not exclusive to catering / food service products